El Pilar - El Faro (Volcano Route)

GR 131 - 3

El Paso, SC
United States
28° 36' 49.8528" N, 17° 50' 10.8204" W

The "Volcano Route" is one of La Palma´s most popular hiking treks. We start at Refugio del Pilar and follow the "Volcano Route" signs, which lead us past several park authority huts. Here it is possible to buy MP3 players, which add a numbered audio-experience to the main sights of the hike. The path leads directly into the first incline, most of which lie within the first third of this trek.
Due to the altitude, weather conditions are more extreme and it is not advisable to embarque during the hottest days of the year, as the sun and wind lead to faster dehydration - thus be sure to bring adequate water supplies. Mist may make it at times more difficult to navigate and find the right track, thus additional caution is necessary during these conditions.
The route takes us through a variety of magnificent sceneries, allowing for superb views to either side of the island as we walk along the volcanic crest. The trek offers a large number of branch-offs, which allow us to leave this main route and decent into either the eastern or western side of the island. We strongly recommend planing these branch-offs prior to the hike, as some are more difficult than others and can consume unexpectedly large amounts of time to pass.
Nature reserves along the trail: Parque Natural de Cumbre Vieja, Monumento Natural de Los Volcanes de Teneguía, Sitio de Interés Científico de Las Salinas de Fuencaliente.
Seasonality: All year round except the hottest summer days
Difficulty level: (Average on main trek)
Total distance: 23.63 km
Accumulated ascending level: 730 m
Accumulated descending level: 2180 m
Estimated time (going): 08:15 hrs.
Estimated time (coming back): 09:00 hrs.
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Impresionantes paisajes y bellisimas vistas! Es importante partir temprano asi se tiene tiempo suficiente para caminar a un buen ritmo e ir disfrutando de la experiencia a pleno. Quiero volver pronto!

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