Los Cancajos

Playa de los Cancajos

Los Cancajos, SC
United States
28° 39' 10.512" N, 17° 45' 33.9552" W

Los Cancajos is the touristic center closest to the island´s capital of Santa Cruz. Especially for novice divers this zone offers optimal conditions to familiarize themselves with the many species of the island´s underwater: lizardfish, red mullets, breams and flocks of barracudas.
The beach, within the wave breakers, is not deeper than 10 meters. Outside of the breakers it is more expansive with depth between 10 and 35 meters. To the left of the beach the ground is rocky, with little caves and little corridors, providing a habitat for many different species: double seahorses, moray eels, green pikes and anemones.
To the right of the beach the sea floor is very similar: caves and tunnels exist here as well. However, in about 28 meters depth a special surprise can be discovered: a black sandbank and the remains of a Piper sports plane, which crashed here some years ago and now serves as a popular attraction for divers.
Depth: Average 15 meters, maximum 35 meters
Your Review: Protected from currents

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